Mystic Hare- Fine Art Print by Kelly Hood

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Limited edition Fine Art print from Kelly's Born Wild collection.

‘In Celtic mythology and folklore the hare has links to the mysterious Otherworld of the supernatural. The Irish hare is native to Ireland and carbon dating of fossils show they were present in Ireland as far back as 28,000BC. In Irish folklore the hare is also often associated with the Otherworld (Aos Si) community whose world was reached through mists, hills, lakes, ponds, wetland areas, caves, ancient burial sites, cairns and mounds. Those entities were seen as very powerful and the hares link to them sent a warning that those who harm them could suffer dreadful consequences. Shapeshifters were often said to take the form of the hare. There is a legend that the Celtic warrior Oisin hunted a hare, wounding it in the leg. Oisin followed the wounded animal into a thicket where he found a door leading down into the ground. He went in and came to a large hall where he found a beautiful young woman sitting on a throne bleeding from a leg wound.

Celtic peoples looked on the hare as a creature with supernatural powers. This lonely creature was admired for strength, speed and was noted for being active at night and associated with the moon. They were seen as mysterious and magical, so thought of as an animal to be treated with caution. When the Romans invaded the British Isles, Julius Caesar made the observation that the Celtic people did not regard it lawful to eat the hare. In Ireland the animals had association with women from the Otherworld who could shapeshift into the form of a hare also made eating them taboo. Its significance in Ireland was shown when for many years the Irish hare was depicted on the pre-decimal coin the threepenny piece’.

Alastair Kneale

Quality materials

  • Giclée print on the highest quality ‘Hahnemühle’ paper
  • Prints are carefully hand-conserved on a state-of-the-art printer, every work meets exceptional museum standards.


Exceptional colour

  • Chosen for their superior finish and life-long vibrancy, all eco-inks are carefully selected by in-house experts.
  • All conservation mounted prints are acid-free, archival-quality materials and created in Kelly's award winning studio in Co. Wicklow.


    • 35 × 35cms – includes a white paper border and conservation mounted backing board.
    • Titled and studio stamped by the artist
    • Includes Artist Biography on the back
    • Wrapped in compostable cellophane
    • 10% from all sales goes to the Irish Wildlife Trust.


    Accredited prints
    By working directly with the artist, Amnesty are proud guardians of her art licence.

      About Kelly

      Kelly Hood - Art with a Heart

      Kelly's work is steeped in the natural world and uses natural pigments in a step towards a sustainable art practice. Her work speaks the language and sentiments of Irish farm and country life, engaging the heart and mind and inviting a tactile appreciation.

      Having grown up on the rugged Dingle peninsula, Kelly now lives and works in Wicklow with her husband, young son and rescued deerhound.

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