A Dangerous Crossing - a Young Adult Novel (Age 11+)


Ghalib doesn’t want to leave his home.
 But Syria has become too dangerous, and his family has no choice but to flee.


A Dangerous Crossing is a new novel from award-winning Irish writer Jane Mitchell, addressing the current Syrian refugee crisis for young readers. It tells the compelling story of Ghalib, a 13-year-old Kurdish boy from Kobani in Syria,and his family as they are forced to abandon their native land and try to find a new home. 

For readers aged 11+, this beautifully written and fast-paced novel follows Ghalib and his parents, brother, sister and grandmother, as they flee, coming under fire, encountering illegal border-breakers, experiencing life in a refugee camp, and ultimately braving a voyage in a boat that is far from seaworthy. 

 This book is endorsed by Amnesty International. 

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