LGBTI campaign - Starlit Ascent Secret Santa


This gorgeous card with a message about our work with LGBTI groups can be printed or sent on as a digital gift.

To create your Starlit Ascent Secret Santa for our LGBTI campaign, choose your donation amount and then go to the checkout. We will email you immediately with a link to download this card. You can then print your gift or send it on digitally.
When you donate to Amnesty International, you become a force for human rights. Thank you.


Starlit Ascent was designed for Amnesty by Alan Clarke, an award winning Irish Illustrator and occasional writer. His images conjure worlds that are whimsical, darkly comic, magical, sometimes grotesque, but always beautifully executed.

Amnesty are working with Sphere NGO who have been championing LGBTI and women’s rights since 2006. Founded by activists Anna Sharyhina and Vira Chernygina, they provide a safe space for women and LGBTI people in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.
Although Ukraine is considered one of the most progressive post-Soviet countries on LGBTI rights, groups targeting LGBTI people have proliferated across the country and Sphere have suffered numerous discriminatory attacks.
When Sphere organised Kharkiv’s first Pride ever, not only did police fail to protect marchers from violence, they also joined in by hurling homophobic abuse. Supporters are now left in a permanent state of fear.

“I want our attackers to be held accountable in accordance with the law,” says Anna

 Thank you for your support

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