Mystic Raven - Fine Art Print by Kelly Hood

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Limited edition Fine Art print from Kelly's Born Wild collection.

Mystic Raven
Among the Irish Celts, Raven was associated with the Triple Goddess, the Morrigan, who took the shape of Raven over battlefields as Chooser of the Slain. She was a protector of warriors, such as Chuhulian and Fionn MacCual.

Raven is also the totem of the pan-Celtic Sorceress/Goddess Morgan le Fay, who was also called the Queen of Faeries. In some tales, she is Queen of the Dubh Sidhe, or Dark Faeries, who were a race of tricksters who often took the form of ravens.

“To have a raven’s knowledge” is an Irish proverb meaning to have a seer’s supernatural powers. Raven is considered one of the oldest and wisest of animals.

Quality materials

  • Giclée print on the highest quality ‘Hahnemühle’ paper
  • Prints are carefully hand-conserved on a state-of-the-art printer, every work meets exceptional museum standards.


Exceptional colour

  • Chosen for their superior finish and life-long vibrancy, all eco-inks are carefully selected by in-house experts.
  • All conservation mounted prints are acid-free, archival-quality materials and created in Kelly's award winning studio in Co. Wicklow.


    • 35 × 35cms – includes a white paper border and conservation mounted backing board.
    • Titled and studio stamped by the artist
    • Includes Artist Biography on the back
    • Wrapped in compostable cellophane
    • 10% from all sales goes to the Irish Wildlife Trust.


    Accredited prints
    By working directly with the artist, Amnesty are proud guardians of her art licence.

      About Kelly

      Kelly Hood - Art with a Heart

      Kelly's work is steeped in the natural world and uses natural pigments in a step towards a sustainable art practice. Her work speaks the language and sentiments of Irish farm and country life, engaging the heart and mind and inviting a tactile appreciation.

      Having grown up on the rugged Dingle peninsula, Kelly now lives and works in Wicklow with her husband, young son and rescued deerhound.

      The Amnesty shop is stocking five of Kelly's beautiful Fine Art prints - see the rest of the collection - Kelly Hood Collection.

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