4 Ways to Display your Charity Christmas Cards! November 19 2013

By Nora Philbin, Fundraising Assistant at Amnesty International Ireland.

 Christmas Cards

Tis the season! And as all of the dusty Christmas decorations are being pulled out of hiding, your house is preparing for an influx of festivity and holiday spirit!


Chances are you have sent out some Christmas cards of your own, if not it's not too late. You can order our Charity Christmas cards online today. If you’re lucky you will have gotten some back from family and friends.


But here’s the dilemma: how do you display all of these cards so that they don’t just end up in a messy basket by your front door?


Here are 4 ways to display your Christmas cards to make your home festive without making you lose hours in decoration time.


1. This is probably your simplest solution. Tape them up to the back of a door or cabinets in your kitchen. They will be fun to look at and no one will feel neglected that their card is at the bottom of the pile.


It takes no time at all. And if you are feeling especially festive you can arrange them into a Christmas tree shape or maybe a snowman! Making the shape on the door can be a fun project for the kids too!

Charity Christmas Cards

2. Hang a few pieces of ribbon from the top of your door. From there, attach your cards to the ribbon and you have the perfect holders. It’s also easy to move the ribbons to other places at home if you wish.

Charity Christmas Cards

 3. Hang your cards is on garland or lights. I prefer the lights to really make your cards glow. This is my favourite display because you can put it anywhere around the house and it is not too overwhelming.


To hang the cards, just punch a small hole in them and use a bit of string to create a loop. Then put them up similar to the way that ornaments are hung on your tree. Once you’ve created your line of cards it can go pretty much anywhere in your house - along the bannister, around a door, or over the windows, just to name a few.

Charity Christmas Cards

 4. Gather some branches and put them all in the vase. If you feel like they are moving around too much, you can fill the vase to steady them. Then attach your cards the same way you would ornaments on a tree. Just punch a small hole in the card and tie some string to it. This is fun for the kids too because it’s like decorating a second tree!

Charity Christmas Cards

 With the Christmas just around the corner, figuring out what to do with your Christmas cards can be one less worry.


If you haven't already bought your cards, now is the time to do it. Buy our Charity Christmas cards today and support our work defending human rights around the globe.

Amnesty International Charity Christmas Cards